Fire Hydrant Jacking Pump Systems

Aline Pumps has an extensive range of packaged Automatic Fire Hydrant Jacking Pumps Systems, ensures that the correct pressure and flow is delivered where and when necessary. So whether you are providing water for industrial or municipal areas, you can count on Aline pumps to keep the flow and pressure needed.

  • Electric driven end suction, vertical and horizontal multistage and peripheral turbine
  • Available with control panels, custom designed base plates, flow and pressure tested
  • Options available include;
    • Weatherproof enclosures
    • By-pass pipework
    • Flow switches

Our Fire Hydrant Jacking Pump is ideal for :


  • Hose reel boosting
  • Domestic water boosting
  • Grey water system

Also, Our fire pump systems are built to AS 2941, variable speed or fixed speed systems built-up. Complete with valves, pipework manifolds and control panels.

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