Pump Enclosures Manufacturer & Supplier


Aline Groups Enclosed Fire Protection Pumpsets are the perfect solution when space is limited.
Our Fire Pump Sets are customized to your needs and are manufactured to the highest quality and adhere to all relevant standards.

Aline Groups Pump enclosures are pleasing to the eye and remove the need of onside sheds.

Pump enclosures Features:

  • Full height access door to control panel
  • Prewired external strobe and bell
  • Professional snap lock
  • Ventilated to meet the pumps requirements
  • Full lifting capacity
  • Heavy duty base frame
  • Drains fully plumbed to common drain
  • All pressure lines fully plumbed
  • Pressure switches and test assemblies fully mounted and pre-plumbed in stainless steel lines
  • Muffler guards as per AS2941-2013
  • Drains fed into tundishes
  • All internal wiring complete with jacking pump, main pump, and lighting factory wired to distribution board
  • Internal lighting installed and wired
  • Pre lagged exhaust
  • Fully plumbed, and sealed exhaust system complete with rain cap
  • Full opening doors on each side for serviceability

For a consultation on your Pump Enclosure needs,
Please contact the Aline Pumps team today on 1800 018 999.