Storm warden

Don’t let a flood Ruin your Property with Stormwarden

When mains power fails your pump system won’t work. That’s where Aline Pumps Battery backup system can help. Aline Pumps battery backup system is a packaged unit incorporating an inverter with a bank of batteries to provide electric power for stormwater systems in the event of mains power failure. A purpose built control unit detects a power failure and the system automatically switches to supply the stormwater pump set to battery power until the mains power is restored. The systems are available in a range of sizes to cater for specific requirements.

Typical Stormwarden set up

  • Protection against flooding
  • Silent operation
  • Fully automatic operation for peace of mind when away for extended periods
  • Can be retrofitted to existing pump systems
  • Automatically detects a power failure and switches to the battery backup system and reinstates mains power when the power supply has been restored
  • No maintenance required – no fuel or lubricants needed
  • Supplied in compact enclosures for space-saving and streamlined installation
  • Size and time run variants available

Product Selection Guide – Specifications and Performance Data
Aline Pumps Battery Backup System can be built to suit the requirements of any installation from single dwelling basement garages to multi-story basements with multi-tenant parking and building service plants.

Model Number Pump Size KW Min Run Hrs. Enclosure Size (mm) W x D x H Approx. Weight
SW40B 0.4 6 800x300x1000 200kg
SW75B 0.75 6 1200x200x1500 325kg
SW110B 1.1 6 1200x200x1500 390kg

We strongly recommend a routine maintenance plan for your pump system be implemented in conjunction
with the Stormwarden System installation. After power failure, an un-serviced pump system is the most likely cause of flooding.

Intelligent Controller

The controller continuously monitors mains power supply and automatically switches to battery power supply in the event of a mains power failure. It then automatically reinstates mains power when the power supply has been restored.