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Our Projects

Aline Pumps has a wide range of Fire Protection Pumps that meet your pumping requirements. we have Residential, Commercial and Mining pumps.

A successful project requires excellent attention to detail, clear communication between all relevant parties as well as a systemic, disciplined approach to planning, delivery, commissioning and ongoing maintenance.


At Aline Pumps we develop long-term partnerships with our clients because we believe in our quality fire pump sets products and strive for a workplace culture that nurtures success. We are a market leader in the hydraulic services industry and continue to demonstrate excellence in the field.


Some of our more popular installations include:

Fire service pumpsets Cold water pressure systems (Variable speed and fixed speed) Rainwater re-use pumping and filtration systems Packaged pump stations Sewer and storm water pump sets Hot water circulator pump sets General purpose pits General trade waste and grease arrestors Oil water separators

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