Variable Speed Pumps

In the last couple of decades, variable speed pumps have made a big splash in the plumbing and water-related industries, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether for domestic or industrial use, electric or diesel pump systems, water pumping accounts for at least 10% of global energy consumption, and most pumps are operating at well below optimal efficiency.

Grundfos Pumps

A Grundfos pump is not one singular pump model, but a variety of products which have been designed by the world’s largest pump manufacturer, known as Grundfos. Through the company’s long success and growth, its diverse range of pumps are now seen as an industry-standard worldwide.

Stormwarden System

At Aline Pumps, we not only provide a wide range of fire pumps, but we also offer a range of power backup systems, specifically suited to providing alternate power to submersible systems. Flooded basements due to a power outage (thus disabling the pump systems) are one of the primary causes of environmental vehicle damage.