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Do you have a service department?

Yes, please contact 02 9544 9999 or email for a free, no obligation quote to have your valuable asset maintained for as little as a couple of dollars per day.

Do you have ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems?

Yes Aline Pumps is an ISO 9001 certified company. We are committed to providing superior product quality and customer satisfaction. Please click here to view our ISO9001:2008 certification.

When does a AS2941-2013 compliant Fire Pump need to be installed over against AS2941-2008?

AS2941-2008 applies only to building developments whose construction certificate was issued prior to November 2013. In the event that the CC was issued after this date, a AS2941-2013 compliant unit is required.

Does Aline Pumps Test its Fire Pumps?

Aline Pumps carries out all tests in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards in a custom-built testing facility which we welcome you to visit anytime.

Do you provide detailed drawings and curves of your pump packages?

Yes we provide accurate design drawings and performance curves, where needed, for consultants or relevant Water Utilities.

Is Aline just an Importer of Pumps ?

Aline provides a comprehensive range of engineered pumpsets for the fire and plumbing industry. Our pumps are all built and tested to exceed all relevant fire codes and Industry expectations.

Can Aline guarantee backup of their equipment?

Aline have over 10 on site mobile qualified service technicians to ensure pumping equipment is maintained in optimum working order at all times.

Can Aline custom build a pumpset to suit my pump room?

Absolutely, we are very versatile in working in areas where space is restricted.

Do you supply spare parts for the products you sell?

Aline Pumps stock a huge range of spare parts for different types of pumps and brands. Please contact us to find out more.

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