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Fire Pumpset Accessories

As an industry leader in the Fire Protection industry, Aline can cater to any requirement regarding Fire Pumpset spares, accessories or replacement parts. With a full range of spares in stock at all times, Aline is able to maintain its reputation for being having the best service in the business.

Tornatech control panels are second to none for complete Fire Pump control, automation, and reporting, and with the new version 2 panel now being shipped with all new Diesel Fire Pumpsets, you know that you have a world class system when you use Aline.

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Features & Benefits

  • Built to AS2941-2013
  • ViZiTouch Light operator interface
  • IP55 enclosure
  • Pressure and event recorder
  • Battery voltage and amperage display
  • selector switch
  • Manual control battery crank pushbutton
  • Manual start battery crank
  • pushbutton
  • Stop pushbutton
  • Remote start provision
  • Pressure transducer externally mounted with protective cover
  • Gland plate
  • Audible alarm
  • Alarm contacts for remote
  • indication
  • Crank cycle



Aline has a large range of valves available for whatever you may require for your hydrant or sprinkler system. Pressure Reducing and Pressure Relief valves are available in sizes from 40mm through to 200mm.

HydroSmooth VSDs


The Hydrosmooth Variable Speed Control system is a ground-breaking new development in the area of variable speed drives for diesel engine driven pumps.It’s unique mechanism allows it to dynamically vary the speed of a diesel engine in real time in order to maintain a pre-set output pressure.

Excellently suited for applications with ‘spikes’ or large variations in incoming mains pressure, the HydroSmooth family of control units are a cost-effective and reliable solution. It’s all-hydraulic/mechanical design means that it is not prone to electronic failure like other VSD systems on the market, and is easy to set up and adjust if neccessary.


  • Small size means it is easily retrofitted
  • Cost-effective vs traditional electronic VSD systems
  • Sturdy design
  • Fully compliant with relevant standards
  • Compatible with an extremely wide range of diesel engines
  • Suitable for both low and high pressure applications

Spare Parts


The Aline spares division is a dedicated department, focused on providing spare parts and technical support for all Aline’s range of products, with a specific focus on the Fire category. Aline Spares stocks an extremely expansive range of parts in our Australian warehouses, but are also able to source unique or specific parts as required.

Aline Spares