20 60N Dual Hot Water Circulator

Hot Water Circulators

Javelin Hot/Cold Water Circulators can be used in a range of applications including domestic and commercial buildings to save water and time, cooling & heating of machinery and other processes.

Systems can be designed as a single or multiple pump unit depending on the demand and how critical the application is. Systems can be a fixed speed or variable speed drive and can be controlled by a thermostat or timer controllers.

Supplied with suction and discharge isolation, check valves and stainless-steel manifolds, these systems are a user friendly “complete packaged pump solution”, saving time and resource on site.

Javelin Hot Water Pumps 1

Dual System

Features & Benefits

Aline offers pre-built Dual Hot Water Circulator packages to suit any on site need, ranging from small two story apartment buildings or large residences, right up to 40+ storey buildings which may require multiple circulator sets in series.

Aline’s Dual Hot Water Circulator systems do come in standard pre-configured packages, however can be modified or custom-built to suit site specification. Panels that include BMS are common, and panels can also be configured with more advanced options such as alarms, SMS diallers, auxiliary panels or standalone enclosures.


Features & Benefits

A bolt-on enclosure that can be used with either Wilo or Aline Standard Dual Hot Water circulator systems. Custom modification may be required for some models.