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Electric Fire Pump Controllers

Built to Australian Standard AS2941

Electric Fire Pump Controllers

Electric fire pump controllers are designed to start an electric motor driven fire pump. It can either start the fire pump manually through the local start push button or automatically through the sensing of a pressure drop in the sprinkler system. The fire pump controller is supplied with a pressure transducer. The fire pump can be stopped manually with the local stop push button or automatically after the expiration of a field programmable timer. In both cases, stopping is only allowed if all starting causes have disappeared.


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  • ViZiTouch Light operator interface
  • IP55 enclosure
  • Pressure and event recorder
  • AC voltage and amperage display
  • Battery charger
  • DC voltage and amperage display
  • Run test push button
  • Start and stop push buttons
  • Locked rotor protector
  • Phase reversal indication
  • Remote Start/deluge valve start provision
  • Pressure transducer externally mounted with protective cover
  • Gland Plate
  • Alarm contacts remote indication
  • Automatic scheduled service/maintenance reminders

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IP55 enclosure
Run test push button
Locked rotor protector
Start and stop push buttons
Phase reversal indication
Pressure and event recorder

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