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The Complete Filtration Solution for any Application

All Aline Defender units are pre-plumbed and ready for installation.


Filtration Solution – As well as being an invaluable installation time saver, the Aline Defender range offers the very best in filtration and disinfection, and are available in a range of sizes, suitable for any application. Custom designs and higher flow rates are available.


High Quality
The Defender range includes a timer controlled automatic backwash filter complete with 100 micron stainless steel screen, manufactured and designed in Germany.


The systems are equipped with a durable reinforced polypropylene housing, complete with 5-micron washable sediment filter element for the ultimate filtration.


The defender systems utilise high output, eco-friendly UV technology to ensure maximum bacteria kill, ensuring the highest level of disinfection.


All the Defender range are supplied with the system fitted to a backboard, ready to install onsite, saving hassle and time.



  • Rainwater Reuse
  • Stormwater Harvesting
  • Residential
  • Warehouses
  • Factories

Defender D7

The D7 is ideal for smaller residential and commercial applications, and is compact in size for easy installation, being 690x650x250mm in size.

Defender D8

The D8 is the ultimate solution for small to medium size residential and commercial applications and is 950x700x250mm in size.

Defender D9

The D9, at 950x1120x250mm in size, is more than capable of supplying worry-free filtration to large residential and commercial applications.

Defender D10

The D10, able to supply an incredible 300lpm at only 1200x1000x250mm in size, will provide filtration and disinfected water to nearly any residential or commercial structure.

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Increase efficiency and save water while maintaining flow with JUDO automatic or manual self-cleaning filters


JUDO backwash filters make a huge difference to the life expectancy of pipework and infrastructure; reducing problems such as leaky toilets and faucets, erosion of copper pipes, sediment build-up, clogging of faucet aerators, malfunction of a pressure regulating and shut-off valves.


The JUDO filter allows the water to flow and be filtered through a stainless steel filter sieve, which traps and retains all physical impurities until aback wash is initiated. The backwash process is initiated manually, by the timer or by pressure differential control, depending on the unit.


  • No interruption of water flow during backwash
  • Rubber wipers keep the viewing glass clean
  • Mount in vertical or horizontal pipe runs
  • A degree of dirt build-up can easily be seen through the viewing glass
  • Standard 100-micron screen is Silver Coated to inhibit bacterial growth

The SKAN range of bag and cartridge filtration systems are manufactured to the very highest standards.


Available in a selection of sizes in both polypropylene and stainless steel construction, the SKAN systems are fast becoming the industry benchmark, proven by years of tried and tested operation.


Used in almost every industry and application, the SKAN systems ensure a simple, fast, economical and effective filtration of water, oils, chemicals, beverages, paints and other liquids.


Standard sizes cover 20mm to 80mm inlet/outlet connections with the custom manufacture for special applications or higher flow rates. All standard sizes are stocked in a central warehouse location ensuring rapid supply times Australia-wide.


  • Compact – Minimum installation disruption Cost effective solution
  • High Flow Rates – Low filtration costs
  • Efficient – Minimum downtime for bag change process

The HEALTHSHIELD range of UV systems harnesses and utilise certain wavelengths of Ultraviolet light which is a natural component of sunlight, falling just below the visible light region of the Electromagnetic spectrum.


The HEALTHSHIELD UV range has the ability to destroy micro-organisms (bacteria, virus, cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia) in water and air by damaging their DNA molecules, thus preventing them replicating and surviving to cause harm.
Ultraviolet disinfection gives safe water without the use of harmful chemicals, does not affect the taste or odour of the water and uses less power than a standard light bulb.


The HEALTHSHIELD range is available for flow rates of 18 L/m up to 1,000 L/m and greater and includes NSF and USEPA validated systems. Some of the systems incorporate UV sensors to provide the continuous readout of UV intensity.


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