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Hot Water Circulation Pump System

Compliant with AS/NZ4020 potable water

Commercially Tailored Hot Water Circulation Systems


Aline pumps can design circulator as a single or multiple pump unit depending on the demand.


Our Hot Water Circulation can be used in wide range of applications including domestic and commercial buildings to save water and time for cooling and heating process. Our system can be fixed speed or variable speed drive with timer controllers.


Hot water circulator is also popular as a circulation pump and Recirculation pump, with the main function of circulating fluid in a closed circuit.


Aline pumps have created the Grundfos and Wilo range of hot and cold water circulator pump.



  • Domestic (Laundries, Home, Units)
  • Commercial (Shopping complex, warehouse, Hospitals)


  • Pumps are manufactured from a non-corrosive material
  • Available in Sing or Dual Unit
  • Control panel for Timer and Temperature
  • ASNZ 4020 Approved

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Compact and easy to install
Digital Time Clock
Deluxe Controller
Pre-packaged System
Built to AS/NZ4020

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