About Gantry Camperdown Residential Projects

Construction of a mixed use development containing 5 buildings, including adaptive reuse of heritage buildings, ranging in height from 2 storeys to a 5 part 6 storey building, containing a combined total of 191 dwellings, 127 x 1, 52 x 2 & 12 x 3 bedroom, & approximately 1055 sq m of retail/commercial space.

Supplied Special Needs Pumps to Gantry Camperdown Residential Projects

The project involved the construction of approximately 100 independent living units. Aline Group worked closely with the project team to develop a cost-effective solution to their fire pump needs. After consideration of the projects needs Aline Group supplied:

  • Two Fire 35kW Diesel Hydrant Pumps in a weather resistant enclosure
  • Electric Fire Pump Package
  • Dual Sewage Pumpset
  • Three Stormwater Pumping System
  • Two Rainwater System
  • Triplex Pressure System

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