Aline Pump Project 7

About Promenade,Morton Precinct – Parramatta
Residential Project

Involved the construction of a residential building complex containing 277 apartments. The building consists of 3 residential towers connected by common car parking facilities and a landscaped podium level. Aline Group worked in conjunction with the Fire protection Contractor to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution supplying a Diesel and Electric Fire Pump Package.

Supplied Special Needs Pumps to Promenade ,Morton Precinct – Parramatta Residential Project

Promenade – Morton Precinct, Parramatta project requirements:

  • Quad Variable Speed Pressure System
  • Diesel Hydrant Booster Pumpset to AS2941
  • Deluxe Hot Water Circulator Pumpset
  • Diesel Electric Sprinkler Pumpset to AS2941
  • Deep Well Turbine Pumps

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