About Westfield Sydney Redevelopment Commercial Project

A $1.2 billion development has integrated three sites on Pitt Street Mall, Centrepoint, Imperial Arcade & Skygarden into one iconic retail center.


The key elements of this landmark are the Westfield Sydney retail centre, which will be an integration of the former Centrepoint, Imperial Arcade & Skygarden sites, the remodelled 100 Market Street office tower and a new 27 story office tower to be located at 85 Castlereagh Street.

Supplied Special Needs Pumps to Westfield Sydney

Aline Pumps were awarded the contract to supply the Pumping Equipment below by the Hydraulic Contractor

  • Triplex Stormwater Pump set
  • Dual Variable Speed Cold Water Pumpset
  • 2 x Dual Variable Speed Rainwater Pumpsets
  • Dual Varible Speed Non-Potable Water Pumpset
  • Dual Sewerage Pumpset
  • Dual Diesel Electric Multistage Hydrant Pumpset
  • Diesel Relay Pumpset
  • Dual Water  Circulating Pumpset


Our Products

Dual Electric Multistage Hydrant Pumpset

Pressure System

Triplex Stormwater Pump set

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