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Fire Fighting Pumps

Aline Pumps is One of the Leading Fire Fighting Pumps and Fire Protection Pumps Systems Manufacturers, SuppliersDistributors in Australia, Located in Sydney and Brisbane. We are strongly committed to offering high-quality fire pumpsFire Hydrant SystemFire Sprinkler system and sprinkler fire pumps. There is no doubt that the users will get an extensive industry experience using them. These Fire pumps will add value to your investment.

Fire Fighting pump require high-pressure delivery and continuous flow in the event of an emergency. We also offers a range of storage tanks to optimize your water capacity and hydraulic efficiency. We can assure you that all of our diesel and electric water pumps are quality tested and are available for sale at competitive market prices.

We also offer Fire Protection Products Like Water flow Detector, Supervisory switches, a Supervisory switch for OS&Y Valve figure WOSY, Pressure switches and Flow switches.

Professional Installations for Various Applications


Are you concerned about the specifications of our equipment? We can develop a customised strategy to suit your project’s goals if our core range of products is not appropriate.

Our wide selection of industry-leading diesel and electric water pumps are all made to the highest Fire industry standards.

 We Manufacture Fire Fighting Pumps for the Following Industries

  • Fire Pumps for Wineries
  • Fire Pumps for Farm Sheds
  • Fire Pumps for Dairies
  • Fire Pumps for Cotton Gins
  • Fire Pumps for Agriculture
  • Fire Pumps for Mills
  • Fire Pumps for Abattoirs and Slaughterhouses
  • Fire Pumps for Silos
  • Fire Pumps for Cattle Stations
  • Fire Pumps for Chicken Farms
  • Fire Pumps for Grain Storage Sheds
  • Fire Pumps for Fruit Storage Sheds


The Aline team is committed to:

  • Producing Fire Fighting Pump equipment that aligns with Australian standards
  • Designing hydraulic equipment to satisfy specific requirements and applications
  • Completing orders with swift turnaround times of 1-2 weeks
  • Shipping parts in a timely manner
  • Professional installations anywhere in Australia
  • Dedicated after-sales support for repairs, replacements and other maintenance queries

Some of our core Fire Fighting Pump Products include:


  • Dual diesel and electric booster pump systems to suit Fire Hydrant System, Fire Sprinkler system , and drencher pump services
  • Single diesel and electric booster pumps with a broad scope of options, including weatherproof cabinets, galvanized base plates and skid packages complete with suction/ relief valve/ discharge
  • Electric hydrant, sprinkler and drencher systems available with Star, Soft Start, DOL, Delta, and Variable speed drive options
  • Diesel & electric deep-well turbine pumps with diesel engine drives that come in both air cooled and water cooled configurations
  • Professional Assistance

Call us on 1800 018 999 today to discuss  fire Fighting pump prices for your establishment or construction project.