HydroSmooth VSDs



The Hydrosmooth Variable Speed Control system is a ground-breaking new development in the area of variable speed drives for diesel engine driven pumps.It’s unique mechanism allows it to dynamically vary the speed of a diesel engine in real time in order to maintain a pre-set output pressure.

Excellently suited for applications with ‘spikes’ or large variations in incoming mains pressure, the HydroSmooth family of control units are a cost-effective and reliable solution. It’s all-hydraulic/mechanical design means that it is not prone to electronic failure like other VSD systems on the market, and is easy to set up and adjust if neccessary.


  • Small size means it is easily retrofitted
  • Cost-effective vs traditional electronic VSD systems
  • Sturdy design
  • Fully compliant with relevant standards
  • Compatible with an extremely wide range of diesel engines
  • Suitable for both low and high pressure applications


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