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Exceptional Pumping Services

The Aline Group is a progressive company specializing in the sales and after care services of pumping equipment used in the industrial, commercial, residential and wastewater sectors.


Aline Pump Pty Ltd is a division dedicated to providing service for the ever-increasing demand for regular maintenance programs.


Past experience has proved that regular service maintenance (normally six monthly) is necessary to ensure equipment is functioning correctly in periods of high demand. Furthermore, insurance companies are now requiring service maintenance as a necessity to ensure a policy remains valid. Stormwater and sewage pits are very demanding environments. The pumps are subject to sludge and debris build up, which if not removed on a regular basis, will lead to system failure and possible flooding.


We have listened to the needs of our customers and provide a fully compliant, reliable Emergency Breakdown servicing & Maintenance programs, which comprise of:


  • Full checking and testing of the pumping system.
  • Full pit cleaning with vacuum pumping system.
  • Priority service in emergency call outs.
  • Creation of service log for the building manager.
  • Reporting on additional service works on repairs that may be required.

Service Area

    With pumping system supplied by the Aline group, once the various units are installed, essential checks should be made on site to ensure the performance of the system is matched to the site demands. Our trained technicians will ensure both mechanically, hydraulically and electronically the pumping systems have been installed as specified. This commissioning process is essential to prior to a system being set into full operation.

    The Aline group have an expert capability to provide a full turnkey project from initial system design through to installation and commissioning functions. Our site technicians with there our comprehensive fleet of fully equipped mobile service vehicles will ensure that pumping systems are installed correctly to manufactures specification, along with the electrical and plumbing functions included. Please contact us for an obligation free proposal.

    The Aline group can provide Routine Pump Maintenance to ensure installed pumps continue to operate in optimum working order, and ensure all performance criteria is adhered to. Our staff have a range of engineering, electrical, plumbing skillset to provide solutions in every application. Our in house service administration team ensure documentation is provided to your executive committees and other decision making bodies. Please contact us for an obligation free proposal.

    The Aline Group are committed to ensuring the asset life cycles of pumps are extended as long as possible and collaboration with our trained sales and engineering team, Aline provide a vast range of both repair and replacement pumping systems for sewer, stormwater, pressure boosting and fire protection applications. Please contact us for an obligation free proposal.

    Aline pumps have the capability and equipment to carry out flow tests on Hydrant pump systems. Please contact us for an obligation free proposal.

    Service and Parts

    Single Electric/Diesel

    Fire protection Pump

    Submersible Pumps

    Hot water Circulation

    Aline IE5 pumps by Grundfos

    Pump set Accessories

    Trade Waste Products

    Aline Pumps’ technicians have experience in a broad range of industries, representing trades, including:

    • Electricians Certifications
    • Plumbers Certifications
    • Fitters & Turners Certifications
    • Diesel Mechanics Certifications
    • Welders Certifications

    Aline Service Pty Ltd is currently in contracts with well-known government and non-government companies, such as Centennial Parklands Moore Park Trust, National Parks & Wildlife, Australand, Sydney Airport, Sydney Opera House and over fifty strata companies.


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    The safety of our staff and looking after the environment are key focuses at Aline Pumps. We are certified in ISO9001. Any queries regarding our compliance can be directed towards our quality and safety manager.

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