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Aline Pumps provides a range of power backup systems, specifically suited to providing alternate power to submersible systems. Flooded basements due to a power outage (thus disabling the pump systems) are one of the primary causes of environmental vehicle damage. The Aline StormWarden system provides a solution to this issue providing automatic cut-in power, ensuring your assets stay safe and functional:

  • Lift wells
  • Wine cellars
  • Basement car parks
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Below ground storage
  • Entertainment areas

The range of Stormwarden Systems are matched with our range of submersible stormwater pumps to ensure your property and contents are protected, all the time, every time.

Stormwarden 1

Battery Backup


When mains power fails, standard stormwater pump systems will cease to function. To prevent this, Aline stocks a specifically designed battery backup system called StormWarden®. The battery backup system is a packaged unit incorporating an inverter with a bank of batteries to provide electric power for stormwater systems in the event of mains power failure.


  • Provides constant 240Vac power to a pump controller or alternative control panel
  • Automatic changeover of power source on mains failure
  • Automatic change back to mains supply when available again
  • Automatic battery charging whilst mains is connected
  • Intelligent over current protection, electronic sensitivity
  • DC battery source fusing
  • Battery low voltage protection prevents batteries from going completely flat




A StormWarden® Diesel Generator System is a great choice for off-grid power production or as an emergency power backup system for your critical pumpsets. Our engines are known for their reliability and low maintenance, giving you peace of mind. StormWarden generators are well equipped under the hood, powered by a refined three or four-cylinder industrial engine that you can always depend on. With earth leakage protection to Australian standards and fully equipped with fail-safe engine protection, the generator is as safe as it is dependable.

Our range of Diesel Generators is available in three power classes, from 11kVA right up to 50kVA, meaning we’ve got a model to suit your 415V generator needs.

Be sure to advise your Aline sales representative of the specific pumps installed along with details regarding your on-grid power supply to ensure the best selection.