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About Us

Aline Pumps is Australia’s largest seller of Fire Fighting Pumps, offering platinum service and the most competitive prices. Aline will provide you with a wide range of pumping equipment, designed to meet the individual needs of all consumers, be it for commercial, industrial or residential use……Read More


Why Choose Us?

Since our commencement in 1995, Aline Pumps has focused on providing customised solutions for residential and commercial

Fire protection equipment needs.


  • We hire dedicated, qualified & skilled staff who are motivated to perform.
  • We offer a comprehensive product range of fire pumping solutions, including diesel and electric pumps.
  • All components in our pumps are of the highest quality.
  • We have created and can provide in-depth product documentation in the form of technical drawings and product manuals.
  • We have the experience and skills to ensure a smooth and timely project completion.
  • We offer unrivalled levels of service including rapid response 24-hour callouts and a huge stock of spare parts for same day problem rectification.

As one of the leading Fire Protection Pump suppliers in Australia, Aline Pumps strives to go the extra mile to maintain good customer relationships by providing quality service. If you are looking for quality ESFR sprinklers, cold water booster pumps or any other fire pumping equipment, Aline can help.

Our Service Locations

We offer a full range of fire fighting solutions to residential and commercial projects in the following areas:


  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • Northern Territory
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • South Australia
  • Pacific Islands including New Zealand

It’s reassuring to know your building meets regulations and has adequate response solutions for fire emergencies. Contact us today to learn more.


Aline Pumps is one of Australia’s leading Fire Fighting Systems manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, located in Sydney and Brisbane.


Aline Pumps offers a variety of pumping services for maintenance and breakdown issues, sewage pumping aftercare, end-to-end solutions and commissioning. View our services now!

Our Creative Works

Aline Pumps offers a wide range of pumping systems for all residential, commercial and mining pump needs.



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