Multistage Pumps & Filtration Solutions


Aline has provided reliable and effective filtration equipment along with its pressure system range for decades. Along with a unique solution called ‘Defender’, Aline can provide for any of your site-specific filtration requirements.

From backwash filters to UV disinfection tubes, Aline has all aspects of the potable water filtration sector covered. In conjunction with Javelin pressure systems, there is nowhere else to look for a complete package!

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Defender Series

Features & Benefits

The Aline Defender range came about as a response to the need in the industry for a standardised, easy to install and capable filtration package. As well as being an invaluable installation time saver, the Aline Defender range offers the very best in filtration and disinfection, and are available in a range of sizes, suitable for any application. Custom designs and higher flow rates are available.

  • Timer controlled automatic backwash filter complete with 100 micron stainless steel screen
  • Durable reinforced polypropylene housing, complete with 5 micron washable sediment filter element
  • High output UV disinfection to ensure maximum bacteria kill
  • Supplied fitted to backboard, ready to install on site

Backwash Filters

Features & Benefits

Backwash filters make a huge difference to the life expectancy of pipework and infrastructure; reducing problems such as leaky toilets and faucets, erosion of copper pipes, sediment build-up, clogging of faucet aerators, malfunction of pressure regulating and shut-off valves.

The filter allows the water to flow and be filtered through a stainless steel filter sieve, which traps and retains all physical impurities until a backwash is initiated. The backwash process is initiated manually, by timer or by pressure differential control, depending on the unit.

Bag Filters

Features & Benefits

Filtration of liquids using bag filters is a simple process. The liquid to be filtered enters at the top of the vessel, passes through the filter bag and exits at the base or side depending on the model. Particles are trapped on the inside surface of the filter bag.

To replace the filter bag, internal pressure is relieved, the lid is undone and the filter bag containing the trapped particles for washing or disposal is removed, depending on the sort of filter bag used. The units can be installed in parallel to allow continuance of flow during bag changing or in stages so finer filtration can be achieved.

UV Disinfection

Features & Benefits

Aline’s UV disinfection range harnesses and utilises certain wavelengths of Ultraviolet light which is a natural component of sunlight, falling just below the visible light region of the Electromagnetic spectrum. These particular wavelengths have the ability to destroy micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and cysts) in water and air by damaging their DNA molecules, thus preventing them replicating and surviving to cause harm.

Ultraviolet disinfection gives safe water without the use of harmful chemicals, does not affect the taste or odour of the water and uses less power than a standard light bulb. The Aline range is available for flow rates of 18 L/m up to 1,000 L/m and greater and includes NSF and USEPA validated systems. Some of the systems incorporate UV sensors to provide the continuous readout of UV intensity.

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