Diaphragm Pumps

The Kwikflo KDP range of pumps are a mechanical diaphragm pump that uses a heavy-duty gearbox coupled to an eccentric block to actuate the diaphragm. It is belt driven by pulleys which enables it to use a variety of drive options.

With its heavy-duty construction, and its ability to run dry and self-prime, the KDP pump is suitable for a wide range of applications including dewatering, transfer, oil skimming and oil/water separation.

  • Suction lifts to 7.5m
  • Rapid self priming
  • Will run dry without damage
  • Will operate on snore
  • Will handle abrasive liquids
  • Will pass solids up to 80% of port size
  • Heavy Duty, compact construction
  • TEFC electric motors fitted as standard
  • Special electric motor enclosures as an option