2023 Blue Book Version is out! How to get the most out our comprehensive product guide

Aline Pumps Blue Book Complete Product Guide Australia

Aline Pumps proudly serves the Australian plumbing, building and fire industries with smart pumping solutions. Whether you need a new diaphragm pump or hydrant pump, we have you covered with an excellent selection of pumps at competitive prices. We also offer a range of services, including consulting, quoting, ordering, dispatch, operational testing and ongoing maintenance.

We recently released the 2023 Blue Book, a comprehensive product guide to help you find all the plumbing solutions you need. This is a highly informative and educational resource that helps our customers choose the right pump for every task. Read more about our Blue Book and how to get the most out of this detailed product guide.

What Is the Aline Blue Book?

As a leader in pump supply and services, Aline Pumps has a large product range from the most trusted names in Australian pumping. We developed a one-of-a-kind resource to highlight the best pressure pump systems and provide insight into industry practices, products and solutions. Our Blue Book caters to our core customers: consultants/engineers, plumbers/hydraulic contractors and fire protection contractors. Industry professionals count on us for premium pumping products from brands like Alton, Javelin, Hercules, Sabre, Kwikflo, Torpedo, Defender, StormWarden and Tornatech.

Highlights of the Aline Blue Book

We developed the Blue Book with great detail and imagery so you can better understand the options available for your pump requirements.We picked the best products from reputable manufacturers and carefully organised them into 14 different sections/product categories. Each section starts with product overviews outlining the top features of different pump systems.

Following product overviews, you will see educational diagrams, text and how-to guides to give you more insight into how each pump works. Product pages with technical information are found at the end of each section, so you can check specifications and find what best suits your application. Remember, the Blue Book covers state-of-the-art pumping solutions for apartment, commercial building, entertainment, government, hospital, residential and warehouse use.

Who Should Look at Our Blue Book

All the crucial information about our product range is contained in our 2023 Blue Book. We’ve made it easy to compare different pumps to decide which one is ideal for your needs, and the Blue Book was made with our valued clients in mind. If you are a consultant, engineer, plumber, fire protection specialist or hydraulic contractor, you should definitely keep our Blue Book handy.

Discover Australia’s Best Stormwater Pump & Pressure Pump Systems

Aline Pumps offers all kinds of stormwater pump or hydrant pump that suits your needs. We hope you enjoy our 2023 Blue Book and we are here to help with any questions about the right pump solutions for the job. Read more of our news and insights or contact us today to get in touch with pressure and hydrant pump specialists in Australia.