A Guide to Grundfos Pumps

A Guide to Grundfos Pumps

A Grundfos pump is not one singular pump model, but a variety of products which have been designed by the world’s largest pump manufacturer, known as Grundfos. Through the company’s long success and growth, its diverse range of pumps are now seen as an industry-standard worldwide. Designed to assist in the operation of industrial utilities, plumbing, professional irrigation, or agriculture.

The History of Grundfos

In 1945, the late Poul Due Jensen founded Grundfos Pumps in Bjerringbro, Denmark. At the time of the company’s establishment, they were called the Bjerringbro Die-Casting and Machine Factory, with their name changing several times up until the title ‘Grundfos’ was officially coined in 1967. The company aimed in becoming the world’s leading pump manufacturer, with a unique management structure ensuring their high quality and innovation. Even today, Grundfos is continually striving to produce and introduce more than 12 million outstanding pumps, selling their products worldwide to both private homeowners and commercial businesses.

What Pumps does Grundfos Develop?

Grundfos pumps include circulator pumps, centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps, all working to maintain the operation of utilities from heating and cooling systems, boilers, to even fire protection and water treatment. The company is also known to manufacture electric motors, as well as controls for related systems.

Aline Pumps – Representing IE5 Pressure Pumps

Aline Pumps is thrilled to present the arrival of the IE5 Pressure Pumps. Created by Aline Pumps long-time partner, Grundfos. The IE5 Pressure Pumps offer a substantial energy-saving motor, with updated circulating solar spares that are able to produce a faster payback timescale. It has the highest energy efficiency level for electrical motors available in the market, with the difference in these efficient MGE motors due to its state-of-the-art intelligent solutions which adapt to the surrounding system and are able to lower your energy consumption considerably.

The Meaning of IE Pump ratings

Manufacturers around the world have aimed to reduce the energy consumption of pumps for the past decade. After discovering that pumps account for about 10% of the world’s consumption of electricity, as well as two-thirds of all pumps use 60% of unnecessary electricity. They have done this by developing better pumps and systems to lower energy consumption, with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) working together with a number of international organisations to create a list of pump standards.

The IE5 model is by far the most premium IEC standard available. Compared to the older model of IE3 motors, which were the premium prior, this pump model results in 10% more in energy savings, as well as a 25% reduction in payback.



Function and Benefits of IE5 Pressure Pumps

IE5 Pressure pumps are at the top of the market, with every IE5 pump created under the successful Grundfos brand. It involves an easy installation process, with the connection done internally in the MGE, dV/dt filters not required, as well as a simple booster submersible settings setup. The built-in controller allows for a wide range of controls, with many complex settings and modes unavailable in older models. Especially useful in confined areas, the pumps are space-saving, allowing for a lot less clutter within the pump room.

Hopefully, our guide on Grundfos’ IE5 Pressure Pumps has helped you understand the quality and advancement of this modern model. By gaining this better understanding of the different types of pumps available, we hope to have helped ensure that you pick the most suitable pump for your application. For more information regarding our Grundfos pumps, please head to our product page for a detailed description of each.