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A Pump for every Application

A Pressure Pump for Every Application in Australia

Aline offers a large range of solutions for various different pump applications. We work with builders, plumbers, fire protection contractors, and other industry professionals to supply the best pump systems at competitive prices. If you need a new submersible pump, our reliable range and dedicated service will make your project easier. Check out this overview of our different pump applications to find what you need for every job.

Hose Reel Booster Pumps

Our hose reel booster pumps increase water flow as required and are built to withstand demanding firefighting environments, ensuring a dependable water supply in critical situations. Speak to our team to get the correct control and flow with a hose reel pressure pump.

Hot Water Circulators

Ensure hot water is readily available for residential and commercial comfort. Javelin hot/cold water circulators may be used for single or multi-pump systems, ultimately saving time and water.

Fire Protection Pumps

With a focus on efficiency and performance, our fire protection pumps are engineered to deliver high-pressure water flow to extinguish fires effectively. We offer a range of pump types, including centrifugal vertical turbine pumps, to suit various installation requirements. We also provide heavy duty enclosure options to protect your fire equipment from weather conditions. Aline Pumps is highly regarded as the leader in fire protection pump solutions in Australia.


Our square and round water storage tanks offer a practical solution for high-capacity commercial, agricultural and industrial uses. Our tanks get the job done from potable water to waste storage

Rainwater Filtration

Building and plumbing contractors prefer our robust rainwater filtration systems for a variety of buildings nationwide. This sustainable solution provides pressurised water flow while reusing rainwater.

Undersink Pumpstations

Commercial kitchens, laundries and laboratories count on the Kwikflo Undersink Packaged Pump Chamber. This automatic system handles sink and basin waste with small submersible pumps in Australia.

Domestic Cold Water

If you need a highly durable cold water pump and enclosure for domestic use, look no further. Aline Pumps offers cold water pumps to increase water pressure when the main supply is low.

Oil Water Separators

We have a range of Kwikflo oil water separator systems available with capacities from 1000L – 3000L. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Storm Water Systems

Our selection of StormWarden battery backups offers alternate power to submersible systems, especially with flooded lower levels. These systems are ideal for garages, lift wells and underground storage.

Sewage Pump Stations

We use sewage pumping stations when a gravity-fed network needs extra support to transfer waste between levels, allowing continual flow to the treatment plant.

Grease Arrestors

We supply Kwikflo grease arrestors for above-ground and below-ground installations. This grease-trap solution removes fats, oils and suspended solids from drainage systems at restaurants, hospitals, hotels and other commercial properties.

Get in Touch With Us About Submersible Pumps

We have an extensive pressure and fire pump range that you can explore to find the option that best suits your application. Aline Pumps is pumping with innovation, and we would be happy to help you find the perfect pumping system to handle your residential, commercial or industrial requirements. Contact us today to get started with Australia’s best solutions for fire protection pumping systems.