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Although we may not think of this much, sewage pumping stations do play an extremely important role in providing efficient water and sewage services. In its raw form, sewage isn’t environmentally safe. As such, it must be treated at sewage treatment plants. However, to get there, the sewage needs...

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Fire pumps are often considered to be the most critical component of a water-based fire protection system because, without a fully functional pump, water-based systems can be rendered ineffective. When a fire occurs in expansive environments that contain high-risk hazards, it can be catastrophic to discover that a fire...

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ESFR Sprinkler employs the use of an Early Suppression Fast Response Sprinkler and is predominately used for the protection of High Piled Storage. Storage arrangements man include palletized, solid pile, shelf, bin box, or rack storage of materials. The primary advantage associated with ESFR Sprinklers is a protection scheme...

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As a facilities manager or owning a building, it’s your responsibility to ensure an efficient fire pump backs the installed sprinkler and/or hydrant system. This is a legal requirement and means you need to maintain all equipment in this field to make sure it’s always at top working condition....

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