Cold Water Booster Pump Sets

The last thing you want after a plumbing project is building occupants reporting no water coming out of their taps. Ensure adequate water services within a building by installing cold water booster pump sets.


How Does a Cold Water Booster Pump Work?

Cold water booster pumps increase water pressure when the pressure and flow rate delivered by the mains water supply is low. Water is drawn into the pump from a tank fed by a mains water supply. Water then enters through the pump suctions into the body where impellers spin to add velocity to the water. After that, the water will be delivered to the building taps at constant pressure through a varying flow range.

Cold water booster sets are required in large residential buildings and commercial buildings such as offices and hospitals. There are increasing numbers of smaller residential properties that experience low pressure from mains water supply, so small waster booster pumps are available as well.

At Aline Pumps, we offer Javelin cold water booster sets, which cover a wide range of sizes and solutions — from small domestic cold water boosters to a municipal multiple water booster pump systems. We also provide customised water pump solutions to suit the specific requirements of your plumbing installation.

Why Choose Aline Pumps?

At Aline Pumps, our products and customer service deliver exceptional advantages:

⦁ A wide range of cold water booster sets
We offer an extensive range of Javelin cold water booster sets available in fixed or variable speed options.

⦁ Customisation is available
We have a team of engineers and technicians who can develop a solution according to your needs. Don’t hesitate to tell us your booster pump applications and specific requirements.

⦁ Made to the highest standards
All our Javelin water booster pumps are quality tested and meet the highest Australian standards.

⦁ Quick turnaround
At Aline Pumps, we take pride in our streamlined design, manufacturing and installation processes. Count on our incredibly quick turnaround times to ensure pump installation is within your project schedule.

⦁ Dedicated after-sales team
We leave nothing to chance to ensure your building’s booster pumps are always in top condition. We have a dedicated after-sales team that provides customer support and maintenance services.

⦁ Expertise and involvement
Our commitment is to provide proper solutions. Our involvement includes designing, engineering, customising equipment, as well as installing it, to the exact requirements of your project.

Give us a call today for a no-obligation project proposal.

Our Service Locations

Aline Pumps offers cold water booster pumps to residential and commercial projects in the following areas:

  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • Northern Territory
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • South Australia
  • Pacific Islands including New Zealand

Capitalise on our expertise in cold water booster sets. We’ll give your occupants the steady and constant water supply they need.