Does My Fire Pump Meet Australian Standards?

Fire pumps installed in Australia are required to meet AS 2941:2013 – Fire pump sets, which outlines the requirements for the design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all fire pumps. Similarly, the Australian Standards outline specific performance requirements that any fire fighting pump must meet. This covers flow rate, pressure, suction and discharge capacity, and work to ensure fire pumps will provide sufficient water supply in the event of an emergency. It’s not hard to see why these standards are important and compliance is a legal requirement, but it may be more difficult to know if a fire pump meets these regulations.


Checking a Fire Pump

To ensure a fire pump meets Australian Standards:

  1. Check the manufacturer’s specifications: Fire hydrant pump manufacturers should provide detailed information about the products.
  2. Check the pump’s certification: A certified fire hydrant pump will have a label indicating compliance. This should confirm the pump meets AS 2941:2013.
  3. Look for the Australian Standards mark: Products that meet the Australian Standard will display a mark or logo indicating this.

Aline Fire Fighting Pumps

You can rely on Aline Pumps to provide trusted products and expert assistance. Our range of Fire Pumpsets were developed for the growing demand for specialised turn-key systems. Each pump is fully compliant with AS 2941-2013 and is fabricated in strict adherence to relevant fire codes. Aline Pumps offers diesel Fire Pumpsets, with both air-cooled and water-cooled configurations, and electric drive pumpsets, which are compact and easy to install.

If space is limited Aline Pumps offers both single and dual Fire Pumpset Enclosures. They’re customisable to your unique project and offer a full height access door, professional locking handles, a heavy duty base frame and are fully plumbed in.

The Aline Pumps Difference

Since 1995 Aline Pumps has provided the highest quality products for the builders, plumbers and fire protection contractors. Aline Pumps aims to work closely with all clients, no matter the project. We work with consultants and project managers to ensure our products meet hydraulic requirements; providing technical support using our experience and knowledge. Each Aline Pumps product is tested to Australian Fire Standards and undergoes a rigorous QA process before being delivered to your project on time. Our field staff are there to assist you in the set up, commissioning and final QA prior to product handover. After installation, our technician team is on the road and ready to assist you. Backed by our large manufacturing and warehousing facilities, Aline Pumps offer fast and reliable access to replacements, spare parts and new systems.

Aline Pumps are the experts in Fire Pumpsets. To research out products, or learn more about our unrivalled after sales service and maintenance packages, contact Aline Pumps premium pump supplier, to evaluate your facility’s needs.