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How often should a fire pump be tested?

How Often Should a Fire Pump Be Tested?

When it comes to buying fire pump systems, water storage tanks and valves online, Aline Pumps is Australia’s trusted choice. We specialise in innovative fire fighting pump solutions that enhance safety and protection for residential, commercial and industrial use. Keep reading to learn more about fire pump testing and how often you should check your pump system.

Fire Fighting Pump Testing & Maintenance Requirements

As a facilities manager or building owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure an efficient fire pump backs the installed sprinkler and/or hydrant system. This is a legal requirement, meaning you need to maintain all equipment in this field to make sure it’s always in top working condition.

If you aren’t sure whether the pump itself is able to reach industry benchmarks or regulations, we always recommend getting in touch with a licensed professional. However, there are some key factors to keep in mind when it comes to testing your system and minimising risk across the board, including hiring a qualified technician for the test.

Certified Annual Fire Pump Testing

Aline Pumps and the wider fire protection industry highly recommend that all fire pump systems are annually tested by an expert. It’s important to conduct regular checks by yourself to ensure the company you have contracted to carry out testing is actually visiting the site, completing checks and filling out the logbooks. Remember, all testing should be performed by a trained technician in accordance with Australian Standard AS1851 – Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.

Benefits of Routine Fire Pump Testing

As a trusted choice for fire pumps, Aline Pumps understands the value of routine testing for fire protection systems. A lot of the time, issues can’t be identified by the naked eye, especially if pumps and attached controllers are located in a room that’s not fully operational. Regular testing can decrease the chance of disaster from occurring and shows that your legal obligation has been fulfilled.

The threat of non-functioning pump equipment can be avoided by arranging a pre-test inspection, operational inspection and functional test every 6-12 months. While a yearly test is required, many of our clients prefer more frequent, such as 6-monthly or quarterly tests to make sure everything is working smoothly.

It also helps to make the right choice when buying a fire protection pump. Go with a reputable manufacturer and brand with a good warranty, so you can feel better about the expected performance in daily operation and required tests.

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Given ongoing maintenance requirements, it’s best to check service needs when buying afire pump. The more you know about the pump’s safety rating and performance standard, the more safety and value you can get from the system. If you’re unsure about the state of your pumping system or for more advice, get in touch with the Aline team today.