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Westfield Sydney

About Westfield Sydney Redevelopment Commercial Project

A $1.2 billion development has integrated three sites on Pitt Street Mall, Centrepoint, Imperial Arcade & Skygarden into one iconic retail center.

The key elements of this landmark are the Westfield Sydney retail centre, which will be an integration of the former Centrepoint, Imperial Arcade & Skygarden sites, the remodelled 100 Market Street office tower and a new 27 story office tower to be located at 85 Castlereagh Street.

Aline Pumps were awarded the contract to supply the Pumping Equipment below by the Hydraulic Contractor

  • Triplex Stormwater Pump set
  • Dual Variable Speed Cold Water Pumpset
  • 2 x Dual Variable Speed Rainwater Pumpsets
  • Dual Varible Speed Non-Potable Water Pumpset
  • Dual Sewerage Pumpset
  • Dual Diesel Electric Multistage Hydrant Pumpset
  • Diesel Relay Pumpset
  • Dual Water  Circulating Pumpset