The innovation of the submersible pump over the years

Australia’s Innovation of the Submersible Pump Over The Years

As Australia’s preferred pump supplier, Aline Pumps celebrates innovation in pumping technology. History has shaped safety and maintenance requirements for the modern pumping systems we proudly supply and service. Basement water pump out systems have come a long way in the last 100 years, and we look forward to seeing what the future brings for our industry. Let’s look back on pump solutions in Australia over the past century.

Early Days of Submersible Pumps Australia

Long before the best submersible pump in Australia, the idea for the modern pump was developed by Armais Sergeevich, a Russian inventor who is credited with the first electric submersible pumps. He believed electrical power transmission could improve antique oil drilling and pumping techniques. Ultimately, he was right, as the centrifugal pump took off in the United States and Australia. By the mid-1900s, manufacturers were hard at work, producing pumps for oil, mining and construction industries.

Modern Trends in Submersible Pumps Australia

Today’s designs of the Submersible Pump feature functional, problem-solving with state-of-the-art materials and features to ensure excellent performance. Submersible pumps are now much more widely used throughout residential and commercial plumbing, from basement water pump out systems to large-scale sewage systems.

Smart Solutions for Safe, Reliable Pumping

Another reason why submersible pump manufacturing has changed is the introduction of more stringent safety and cleanliness standards. New electrical safety requirements are in place for importing, manufacturing and distributing submersible pump systems. Submersible pumps are classified as level 3 electrical equipment, requiring a higher level of safety compliance checks.

Whether it’s a drainage sump pump or a grinder pump, all pumps must be independently tested to meet Australian Safety Standards and receive the required certification. All pumps sold and installed in Australia must be certified, marking a change from the regulatory compliance mark (RCM) which was previously the only requirement. While an RCM indicates the manufacturer or importer has evidence of the pump’s safety, now pumps must be checked and certified by a recognised certifier before obtaining an RCM. All certificates, importers and manufacturers need to be registered as well.

Find The Best Submersible Pump in Australia

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