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Round water storage tank

Built with Australian Standard 2304

Solid Steel Water Storage Tanks by Aline

Aline Group offer a complete water storage tanks solution for any environment or remote location. We offer a range of a square and round steel storage tanks to accommodate your practical needs. Both varieties feature bolt reinforcement and are designed to hold large capacities of water for heavy-duty building services, agricultural and industrial uses.


Manage your resources properly with water storage tanks that are purpose-built. The Australian climate is generally harsh on everything outdoors. Heat waves can cause sheet metal to expand and contract as a result of thermal expansion. This kind of stress can buckle the structural integrity of just about any hollow metallic container over time, which is why you should be mindful of what you use to store your precious liquids.


Finding the cheapest, short-term, an option is not necessarily the best permanent solution either. Sure, large plastic drums might be cost-effective when compared with steel containers but think about the quality of the materials compared to the value of what it is you are storing. Thermal expansion can also affect the polymer chains in plastic, loosening the chemical bonds. Thin, flimsy diecast plastic, exposed to UV, can potentially rupture under heavy load which would then spill the contents. Invest in a safer, better option.


Two Types of Water Storage Tanks are Available

  1. Square Storage Tanks
  2. Round Storage Tanks

Some of those most common uses of our steel fabricated tanks include:

  • Fire Water Storage
  • Domestic potable water storage for large buildings
  • Rural water reserves for farms
  • Emergency water supply for firefighters
  • Treated water for commercial interests
  • Waste storage for industrial plants
  • Rain water reuse

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