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Why service maintenance is critical for pumps

Aline Pumps provides Australia’s best selection of all purpose pumps, with a sump pump range trusted by builders, plumbers and fire protection contractors nationwide. Whether you have a small 250l pump station or a 5000l storm water pump, the right maintenance routine is essential to system performance and longevity. Here are the key reasons why you should make sump pump maintenance a top priority.

Increase Pump Availability

Don’t let your system’s pumping potential go to waste by foregoing maintenance. When you keep the pump serviced, it’s more likely to operate at full capacity. Many of the major backups we see at commercial and industrial sites could be avoided by more frequent maintenance. If you want pumps to have maximum flow and pressure, then preventative service is a must.

Avoid Pump Clogging Problems

If you stick to routine service of submersible pumps, you should have less to worry about in terms of clogged pumps. Sump pumps often become clogged with silt and other dirt and debris, especially the mechanical parts near the bottom of the sump pit. The float switch used to activate the pump as water level fluctuates may jam or clog as well. It helps to have a high-quality, heavy-duty pump to begin with, but no matter what, frequent service checks will keep the system clean and clog-free.

Identify Required Repairs

Pumping systems are essential to maintaining a safe, clean and comfortable space, whether it be at a domestic, commercial or industrial property. To ensure these systems can transport water and waste to the intended location, you need all pumping components in excellent condition. Service maintenance identifies any wear and tear or other issues that require repair. The sooner you can get the system back up to full capacity, the better.

Reduce Life Cycle Costs

When buying a new pump system, you always want to check the capacity and warranty. Even with pumps designed to last for decades, you want to maintain regular service to minimise damage and address small repairs at the source. This in turn helps to cut down on repair and replacement costs throughout the system’s life cycle.

Ensure Maximum Efficiency

You can maximise pump effectiveness and efficiency through regular maintenance from our 100l pump station to our 3000l and 5000l systems. You can keep the pump working at its best by being proactive and checking for problems before they cause big damage while prolonging the life cycle at the same time. Get the most out of your investment in submersible pumps with dedicated service and maintenance offered by Aline Pumps.

Explore our range of Pumps

You can expect excellent performance from your sewage or storm water pump with proper installation and maintenance. Aline Pumps has a wide selection of pumping systems, such as a 100l pump station or a 250l pump station and we also provide ongoing maintenance and operational testing. Get in touch with our pumping system specialists to discuss your pump needs