Pump Stations

What Are Undersink Pump Stations?

Under sink pump stations are devices used to move wastewater, where gravity does not assist in moving the water to the sewer. Commonly used in homes or buildings with low-level plumbing fixtures, they are often installed under sinks or showers but can also be used to pump gray water to the sewer. Under sink pump stations come in a variety of sizes and capacities, depending on the specific needs of the application. In the under sink pump station, the chamber receives influent liquid and, as the level rises, the float switch rises and activates the pump. The submersible pump will discharge the liquid, causing the level to drop and the pump to turn off. A fully automated system assisting wastewater where gravity cannot.


What We Offer

Aline Pumps stocks the premium Kwikflo Under Sink Pump Stations. The Kwikflo Pump Station is an automatic system, designed to handle all sink and basin waste where a gravity fall to the sewer is not possible. It incorporates a small electric submersible pump and can be used for many applications, including:

  • cafes, bakeries, takeaways
  • laboratories and laundries
  • basements or granny flats
  • bars, cellars or kitchens

Since 1995, Aline Pumps has been a trusted pump supplier, providing quality and cost-effective solutions for the plumbing industry, offering expert pump solutions Australia, and dedicated customer service for your queries. Our team can work with project leads to ensure your under sink pump station is the right product for the job. Our expert guidance is unrivalled and our technicians are on the road ready to assist or can offer after sales services over the phone. Our large manufacturing and warehouse facilities means a replacement, spare part or new equipment is never very far away


The Kwikflo KUSP40 is a 40L polyethylene under sink pump station, with a submersible pump, internal pipework and valves. Suited to serve around 20 people, or 1 dishwasher, the KUSP40 eliminates odours by vent and compressible gasket, is lightweight, can be wall hung and comes with an optional high level alarm.

KUS40 and KUS80

The Kwikflo KUS40 and Kwikflo KUS80 are stainless steel under sink pump stations, with a 40L and 80L capacity. Each comes with a small electric submersible pump. Suited to serve around 20 people (40L) or 40 people (80L), the stainless steel models are heavy duty, eliminate odours by vent and compressible gasket and come with an optional high level alarm. The KUS40 and KUS80 are suited to multiple types of pump, including Sabre BAV-550A, Davey D15VAGMA and Grundfos KP250-1A

If you’re in need of an undersink pump station, but aren’t sure which is the right product for you, contact Aline Pumps. We’re proud to be the pump supplier Australia trusts.