A Quick Guide to Variable Speed Pumps

A Quick Guide to Variable Speed Pumps

In the last couple of decades, variable speed pumps have made a big splash in the plumbing and water-related industries, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether for domestic or industrial use, electric or diesel pump systems, water pumping accounts for at least 10% of global energy consumption, and most pumps are operating at well below optimal efficiency.

With governments and industries placing an ever-greater emphasis on reducing their carbon footprints, new technologies have emerged that take an uncompromising attitude to increasing energy efficiency and reducing waste. Variable speed pumps have proven to be a great way of achieving those goals.

What Are Variable Speed Pumps?

A variable speed pump features a pressure sensor (sometimes referred to as a ‘transducer’) that measures the output of the pump and maintains a constant pressure from the outlet, with the motor speeding up or slowing down in order to maintain a pre-set constant pressure.

How Do They Differ from Regular Pumps?

Regular pumps feature an electric motor attached to an impeller that moves water through the system at a single, fixed speed. As Australia has a 50 Hz power supply, most pumps include a motor that spins at 2,950 rpm regardless of the actual requirements of the outlet. For example, whether you are running every tap in the house at full bore or you just have one faucet partly open, your pump’s motor will be running at full capacity.

What Are the Benefits of Variable Speed Pumps?

Variable speed pumps only use as much energy as is actually required, rather than having the system running at full capacity every time you run a tap. This means a massive increase in energy efficiency, translating to huge savings in operating costs and a much smaller carbon footprint.

The increased efficiency will make a particularly noticeable difference in high-rise residential buildings, where the demands placed on water distribution systems can lead to failures of various kinds. Many a frustrated tenant has spent long minutes with one-hand held under the shower stream, the hot water tap turned as far as it will go. A variable speed system enables pressure to be ramped up or down based on system demand, meaning that the pressure will always be consistent for everyone.

The Aline Variable Speed Pressure System

In keeping with Aline’s commitment to providing highly innovative, easy-to-use products, our Variable Speed Pressure Systems are programmed for maximum efficiency, providing the end user with years of reliable, hassle-free operation. Our highly trained technicians can quickly and easily fit the Variable Speed System to whichever pump you require for your structure, and new systems include one, two, three or four pressure pumps as standard, with more available if required.

Why Choose Aline Pumps?

We are Australia’s largest supplier of a comprehensive range of pumps and pumping systems. All of our products meet or surpass the most stringent Australian standards, and our team of highly qualified, experienced technicians can design and install systems to suit your needs. We offer a rapid response, 24-hour call-out service and carry an extensive range of spare parts for same-day fixes.

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