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Aline Pumps for Flood Control

What would you do if your residence/workplace was affected by a severe flood or storm? Call for help and wait for third party assistance? We recommend that homeowners, plumbers, businesses – everyone – should consider an emergency action plan to pre-empt the potential threat of damages caused by excessive downpours.

Risk management services like Zurich, for example, claim that ‘… many of the most costly insured events to take place in Australia in the past 50 years were flood-related events.’

Aline Pumps offers a range of preventative safety measures to minimize flood hazard and water-related damages.

Protect Your Assets with Aline Pumps Stormwarden System.

The Aline Pumps ‘Stormwarden’ system helps mitigate damages associated with heavy rainfall by maintaining power to the stormwater pump set, so that even during power outages the system continues to operate.

Plumbers and other emergency personnel rely on modern submersible pump equipment to evacuate water from inundated buildings efficiently.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:


The record-breaking rainfall during the 2010–11 La Nina led to widespread flooding in many regions between September 2010 and March 2011… There were also some highly unseasonable rain events in the tropics during what is typically its dry season.

The Australian climate, unfortunately, is likely to cause unexpected weather events that can be problematic for those unprepared. Aline Pumps have the products that homeowners, businesses and plumbers need to manage flood damage prevention strategies.

What Happens When your Pumps Lose Mains Power?

Electricity loss during a storm is a common occurrence. New South Wales experience an average of 18 power outages per annum with estimated durations of up to six hours (Eaton Annual Report 2013). Typically, when mains power fails your conventional pump system will cease to function. Fortunately, Aline Pumps now has a workaround for when your AC supply is down.

We offer a Stormwarden battery backup system – a packaged unit that includes an inverter with a bank of batteries to provide electric power for stormwater systems. Our purpose-built control unit detects power failure and will then automatically provide power to your pumping appliances until mains supply has been restored.

The Aline Pumps Stormwarden battery backup system is suitable for both small dwellings and multi-storey buildings.


  • Flood mitigation
  • Silent, automatic operation
  • Compatible with a range of pumps (please contact us for more information)
  • Simple to retrofit
  • Minimal maintenance (no moving parts, fuel or lubricant required)
  • Attractive streamlined installation

Invest in Aline Pumps

For peace of mind and effective stormwater management you can rely on Aline’s Stormwarden system. Install a battery backup system to be prepared for electricity loss.