Dual Submersible XRipper Wastewater Grinders

Dual Submersible XRipper Wastewater Grinders

Project: Cessnock Correctional Centre

Builder: Lend Lease

Plumber: Axis Plumbing (NSW)

Installation of dual submersible XRipper wastewater grinders into a fibreglass tank.

Robust technology for reliable protection from clogging in pipe systems or channels

If wet wipes and entangled material are clogging waste water pumps in sewers, XRipper waste water grinders are the effective solution.

The twin-shaft grinder powerfully shreds foreign matter such as hygienic products, textiles and garbage to prevent entanglement of fibrous foreign matter, thereby protecting pumps, valves and pipe systems from clogging.

The twin-shaft grinder even easily shreds large entanglements that would immediately block the circulation pumps in the digesters of sewage treatment plants. The XRipper therefore protects against operational interruptions and disruptions in channels or sewage treatment plants.