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ESFR Sprinkler Systems Fire Pumps

In many commercial and industrial facilities, fire sprinkler systems serve as the first line of defence against smoke and fires. These systems can contain a fire to a specific area and stop it before it spreads and causes extensive damage and injury. These systems, however, need a steady, sufficient water supply to work.

At Aline Pumps, we provide top-grade booster pumps suited to ESFR fire sprinkler systems. Our pumps are engineered to deliver the required water flowing from the source to the sprinkler heads at any given time. We also customise pumps to suit your specific project requirements.

When Do You Need Fire Sprinkler Booster Pumps?

Fire pumps are necessary when the water supply cannot provide the pressure required by the hydraulic design of the sprinkler system. They are commonly used in high-rise buildings where sprinkler heads are installed in levels that are too high to be reached with the pressure of the local water supply.


Sprinkler systems that require a relatively high terminal pressure to flow a large volume of water to multiple sprinkler heads, such as in large warehouses with high ceilings, also benefit from reliable booster pumps.

In addition, when water is obtained from a static supply such as a buried tank, well or a body of water, pressure must be added to have a reliable water supply for a building’s fire protection system.

Why Choose Our Fire Pumps?

At Aline Pumps, we understand the hydraulic requirements of sprinkler systems vary depending on the project. We offer booster pump packaged solutions that include a range of options to suit your application:

  • Single or dual diesel fire pumps available in either air-cooled or water-cooled configurations
  • Single or dual Electric fire pumps up to 315kW
  • Speed drive options, including variable, Soft Start, DOL, Delta, and Star
  • Available in knock-down configurations to suit challenging installation environments.
  • Other options include weatherproof pump enclosures, galvanised plates and skid packages

Knowing you need to follow a specific timeline for ESFR system installations, we provide quick turnaround. Let’s discuss your requirements today. Our team will begin to design or customise booster pumps for your project right away. You can also rely on us for installation and after-sales services. Give us a call today.

Our Service Locations

We provide fire pumps for ESFR sprinklers to building projects throughout the following areas:

  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • Northern Territory
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • South Australia
  • Pacific Islands including New Zealand

Let us help you assure your clients they have ample response solutions for fire emergencies.