Inland Holiday Parks & Aline Fire Protection Systems

Inland Holiday Parks & Aline Fire Protection Systems

Eire Construction is a valued client of ours, who’s primary focus is installation and setup of regional and remote Fire Protection services. They have recently completed some projects at 4 NSW Inland Holiday Park locations.

With our combined efforts we were able to provide two 80kl fire water storage tanks built to AS2304, enabling defence of critical structures around the dams and Inland Holiday Park structures. Aline offers complete water storage tank solutions for any environment or remote location. A range of square and round steel storage tanks are available to accommodate your practical needs, including but not limited to Fire Water storage. Both varieties feature bolt reinforcement and are designed to hold large capacities of water for heavy-duty building services, agricultural and industrial uses.



We also provided dual diesel fire pumps built to AS2941 and installed in Aline enclosures, on 150mm heavy duty bases. These pumpsets are fed from the water storage tanks to provide superior fire protection to assets in and around the Parks. They come with a completely pre-wired control panel, suction and discharge manifolds, valves and jacking pumps. These pumps can also be configured to suit mains feed, tank feed and sea water applications when needed.



We enclosed the dual diesel pumps within our Aline Fire Protection enclosures, which can be customised to suit any site-specific requirement. They are manufactured to the highest quality and adhere to all relevant Australian standards. Our fire pump enclosures also feature:

  • Full height access doors to the control panel
  • Pre-wired external bell and strobe
  • Professional snap lock
  • Ventilation to meet the pumps requirements
  • Full lifting capacity
  • Muffler guards as per AS2941-2013
  • And much more

Some other advantages you can get from using our pump enclosures are having reduced installation time with all components being fixed inside the enclosure. The enclosures are not only highly functional but aesthetically pleasing, meaning they not only are they able to provide adequate protection for the pumps located inside them, but they also remove the need to build a site shed over them. Combined, these features mean that an Aline Fire Pump enclosure is the perfect solution for your Fire Protection needs.

For any information on the products mentioned in this article or other products that we stock, feel free to contact our friendly and professional team members at Aline Pumps.