Dual Submersible XRipper Wastewater Grinders

Keeping Wastewater Pumps running hassle free

Wastewater is a part of modern life for all of us. But we never really think about it when we use the toilet, washing machine, dishwasher unit or having a bath or shower. However, everything we send down our drains is classed as wastewater, and at some point during its journey will be put through a wastewater pump.

One of the biggest challenges a wastewater pump has to go through is being able to cope with what is in the wastewater. While you may think it is only water, toilet paper and human waste, there is a lot more that can enter the system. Either through your drains or during the journey to the treatment plant.

There are some pretty easy steps to remember both for what to do and what not to do. When it comes to wastewater, and keeping the pumps running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Firstly, we’ll cover the don’ts

Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper when using the toilet. This includes tampons, sanitary napkins, wipes, nappies, cotton swabs or any other non-biodegradable products. Even though some wipes say they are flushable, you still need to be wary as they can still cause blockages.

Don’t pour any grease, fat or oils down the drain. If you pour fat down the drain it can inhibit the breakdown process. The best way to get rid of grease, oil or fats is by wiping your pots and pans with a paper towel before beginning to rinse them in your sink. This will help minimise the amount of those products entering your drain. The paper towel can then be placed in the bin.

Avoid putting food waste down the drain. This is due to the fact that food waste breaks down differently to human waste and most wastewater pumps weren’t designed to process both. If you do need to get rid of food waste, opting for a compost is a great way to remove food waste without blocking up your drains or causing any damages to wastewater pumps.

Some of the main points to remember to do are:

Keep your drains (both inside and outside) free from foreign objects. This can include things like stones, twigs, grass, leaves, small toys. While the vast majority of these objects are found outside, having a simple covering over your drain can prevent the majority of these items entering into the wastewater system.

Teach any of your children why they shouldn’t put things in the drain.

Do make sure that when you run the dishwasher or washing machine, you do so with a full load. As this reduces the number of cycles it has, and limiting a potential influx of wastewater which may cause a backlog if there is a foreign object stuck in the piping.

If you do believe there may be an object caught in your wastewater pump or if you are looking at upgrading your current one, the friendly and professional team at Aline Pumps are more than happy to assist you with your wastewater requirements.