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Pressure Booster Pumps Explained

With the purpose of increasing low water pressure, booster pumps are often used in both homes and businesses. Ideal for moving water from one place to another, they are often used as an extra boost from water storage tanks throughout a house or commercial facility. When moving water from A to B, a pressure booster pump can assist with a multitude of water pressure problems.

What is a Booster Pump?

Versatile and practical, a booster pump takes in water from a specific source, pressurises to the desired pressure and then moves to an endpoint such as a tap or shower. Designed to increase volume and/or pressure of the water flow from a source to an outlet, a pressure booster pump can assist a range of establishments. You may need a booster pump if you have clogged pipes, demand for water distribution and/or a faulty meter valve or pressure regulator.

Why You Might Need a Pressure Booster Pump

⦁ Moving water from a water or rain tank into your home or facility
⦁ Increasing low pressure
⦁ Irrigation system water pressure
⦁ Moving water from sources such as rivers, ponds or streams
⦁ For industrial applications that may require high volumes of water at a high pressure
⦁ Boosting city water pressure
⦁ Pushing water to multiple levels from the ground level

How Does a Booster Pump Work?

The components of a booster pump include a motor, impellers, inlet and outlet and a pressure or flow sensing device. Constructed similar to the workings of a fan, a booster pump’s impeller increases water flow and pressure by moving the water from the inlet through the outlet. The motor makes the impellers spin and the inner workings can either pump with an oscillating diaphragm or a spinning propeller.

Booster Pump Types

Pressure booster pumps come in all different sizes and styles that are typically separated into two types of pumps, ordinary booster pumps, and variable speed drive (VSD) pumps. Ordinary pumps work at a constant rate without the ability to increase flow rate or speed; whereas the VSD pumps can be adjusted to suit different pressure system head requirements.

Aline Pumps

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