Round vs Square Fire Water Storage Tanks

Round vs Square Fire Water Storage Tanks

From wineries to your large family farm, a fire water tank is an investment you should be making. Designed to protect your facility or family in case of fire, water storage tanks are an addition you may be forgetting in your revamp or new build. Packed with perks, a water tank can be used for an array of things and installing them is easy with Aline! With a multitude of different water tanks on the market in a wide range of colours, materials, shapes and sizes, the benefits and disadvantages of square or round tanks can make all the difference.

What is a Fire Water Tank

Used to ensure fire safety in facilities and environments that may pose fire hazards, fire water tanks provide direct control of water to extinguish a fire in a timely manner. These tanks hold their own water, provide a pump to move the water and hose for when the water is needed. Modern fire water storage tanks can hold 2000L or more. Similar to standard water tanks which hold water for irrigation agriculture, agricultural farming and more, a fire water tank’s difference is that it is always fitted with a hose.

Round Fire Water Tanks

Round water tanks are a versatile addition to your facility for a myriad of reasons. With a circular shaped water tank, water can only occur in a circular motion, allowing the liquid to be funnelled down to the bottom without any restrictions. This means debris remains in the centre of the tank and not at the top or the bottom. Although a round fire water tank takes up less ratio of circumference, it can take up more space as it doesn’t always fit perfectly or neatly into a space.

A round fire water tank also requires less building material than a square shaped tank, meaning it can be more economical to build. Without any weak spots, a round tank can be stronger than square tanks without the need for added reinforcement. Keeping a constant temperature, round tanks minimize heat and have better temperature control so they lose less heat in winter and gain more in summer. Being somewhat more aesthetically pleasing, a round tank is also easier to clean because you usually have full access to all areas of the tank.

Square Fire Water Tanks

Rectangular or square-shaped can be more suitable for smaller spaces or places where you need an exactly fitted fire water tank. This shape is ideal for underground facilities or spaces that do not have an outdoor area, such as wine cellars. Unlike round tanks, square tanks do not allow liquid to flow in a circular motion so they can often leave leftover water in the unit. This doesn’t utilise the tank’s full water capacity. With flat ends and a smaller overall footprint, a square tank is ideal for smaller spaces for a perfectly measured fit.

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Overall, there are advantages and disadvantages of both square and round water tanks. Depending on your project requirements, it will depend on which one you opt for. With customised fire water tanks, ideal for an array of project needs, Aline has your needs sorted. Contact us today for a quote and how we can assist your facility’s safety today.