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The Importance of Water Filtration

Along with Grundfos booster pumps, water filtration and purification systems are an essential system to provide a convenient and cost-effective way to make sure apartments and living complexes have clean, refreshing water at all times.

Today we’ll be going over a brief overview of the importance a water filtration system can have for the health of a building’s tenants, so you can provide them with the cleanest and best water condition available.


Why it’s Important to Filter Your Water

For one, filtered water always tastes better than unfiltered. Although some unfiltered waters may be safe to drink it doesn’t mean it’s always the best option, with bacteria and other pesticides still seen in this water it’s always safer to filter this type of water. This can ensure a high quality standard is projected over multiple floors with no decrease or faults in quality.

Providing filtered water will also mean no metal tangy smell that you might come by in other homes. The removal of these metals and by-products means a clear and smelless liquid.

Filtered water can also become beneficial for buildings close to large construction or industrial warehouses. The chemicals used here can weep through the groundwater, which makes the water filtration system used within the building crucial to provide suitable and safe water, without any potentially hazardous compounds.

Finally, the health hazards of unfiltered water must be taken into account. Lead, chlorine, pesticides and viruses are contaminants that can have serious effects on an individual’s health. With the correct water filter system in place, you can prevent illnesses caused by bacteria and other contaminants that can be found in public and private water supplies. This also applies in water use for cooking and even showering.


What Gets Removed in Your Waters Filtration?

Pesticides, arsenic, viruses, mineral contaminants, chlorine and lead can all be found in the waterway of different areas. With different side effects for each of these contaminants, it’s important that you choose the right filtration system that can accurately remove all of these materials.

Lead can seep into groundwater or leak into tap water from old lead pipes. Even low traces can be harmful and impact the health of tenants. If lead is found in the water supply it can cause itchy skin, rashes, and hair loss. Long term it can also cause high blood pressure, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and infertility.

Chlorine is usually added in water to kill bacteria that would increase the risk of illness if ingested. The problem here is when the chlorine level in the water supply is too high. We all know that chlorine shouldn’t be inhaled when in such high concentrations so the same rule should be applied to water pipes as well.


What Type of Filtration System Should You Get?

When installing a water filtration system you want to choose the right model that will be able to work smoothly and functionally no matter the size of the building.

Although water softeners get rid of some heavy metals along with hardness, water filtration systems are the best way to remove organic and inorganic materials, like microbiological contaminants, sand and rust. Water filters, like the Defender Series can remove all traces of these contaminants with a fine physical barrier, safe chemicals or ultraviolet light to clean the water and make it suitable for consumption and use.


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