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The Importance of Water Storage Tanks

In a world where almost everything is single use or disposable, water tanks add a level of renewal to your life in more ways than one. Providing a constant supply of water, which can be critical during droughts, water tanks can be discreet in the form of underground water storage systems, keeping your space neat and aesthetically pleasing. Water tanks come in all shapes, sizes and uses, but there is no denying they are constructive to your environment. A basic necessity in many homes, farms and businesses, a water storage tank offers water for washing clothes, watering the lawn and plants, for use in case of fires and more.

Non-Drinking Essentials

Rainwater can be used to drink if you have proper safe food-grade materials, and your tank is properly maintained. There are many other ways you can employ rainwater to benefit your home or business. Washing clothes, towels and the like, cleaning toilets and watering your lawn are ideal ways to utilise your rainwater supply and lower your water bills.


Water storage tanks are often used on farms to cultivate crops. Cutting down on expenditure, rainwater is the ideal way to utilise water reserves and minimise on your expenses. It takes litres to irrigate farms and most farmers wait until it rains, which isn’t ideal for a fruitful harvest. During the warmer months, your crops can suffer without proper hydration. Rainwater tanks can be placed to collect roof and structure runoffs. This rainwater is perfect for watering your crops as it just goes to waste if not collected and stored. Collecting this water during the rainy seasons is ideal for when drought comes in the summer.

In Case of Emergency

Storing water for emergencies is a tactical way to be prepared. If you live or work on a farm or live in bushfire prone areas, having a water storage tank is essential. Water tanks offer supply for when a bushfire strikes or during times where there is limited water. Having this water reserve helps you perform your everyday tasks, have drinking water and be prepared if disaster occurs, especially during the hotter months.

Aline Pumps

Aline Pumps offer a range of water tanks, from round to square, for all purposes. With options in poly, steel and more, contact us today to see how your home or business can benefit from a water tank.