Boost Tested

Why do Fire Systems Need to be “Boost Tested”?

Fire systems are used for water-based fire protection in a variety of establishments, taking water from the available water supply and increasing the pressure in order to extinguish fires.

The fire pump is an essential part of the system that increases the pressure of water to hoses when fighting a fire. Ensuring your fire system is working properly, and free from obstruction, is very important for its safety and effectiveness.

To be compliant, AS1851 requires boost testing of a building’s fire system to ensure a fire pump set is performing effectively and to its specified duty. Managing compliance is the responsibility of fire contractors, certifiers, builders and facility managers.

Commonly powered by electricity or combustible fuel, there is the potential of a fire system being damaged for many reasons such as excessive pressure. Using a boost test unit can provide less risk of by ensuring your fire system is running smoothly and safely.


How Often Should You Test Your Fire System?

As per AS1851 and AS2419 your fire system should be tested so that you can be confident that it will do its job effectively, especially in the event where it is required to run in order to protect your property. Whilst as often as possible as suited to your needs is the best answer, quarterly testing of your fire system is recommended.

Testing your fire systems ensures the prevention of inconveniences such as damaged system parts and hoses that will not perform to standard when the need arises.


Aline Pumps Hydrant Boost Test System

Replacing the traditional method of using a pump truck, a boost test system offers a portable option that’s easy to move from site to site. This innovative system is easy to handle, being simple to mount onto a trailer or truck and easy to transport on a forklift.

It boasts multiple outlet/inlet connection options with fitting types, an engine management control system, adjustable throttle and integral fuel tank.

It comes with a 34-89kW range of diesel engines and flow ranges from 3Ls to 40Ls having an output pressure from 500-1100kPa.

These systems also come complete with an electric start with optional remote starting. The resulting high-performance pump set will ensure the effectiveness of your fire safety procedure.


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