Fire Industry Pumps

Eire Construction is a valued client of ours, who’s primary focus is installation and setup of regional and remote Fire Protection services. They have recently completed some projects at 4 NSW Inland Holiday Park locations.

Plumbing Industry Pumps

Wastewater is a part of modern life for all of us. But we never really think about it when we use the toilet, washing machine, dishwasher unit or having a bath or shower. However, everything we send down our drains is classed as wastewater, and at some point during its journey will be put through a wastewater pump.

Aline Pumps

Although we may not think of this much, sewage pumping stations do play an extremely important role in providing efficient water and sewage services. In its raw form, sewage isn’t environmentally safe. As such, it must be treated at sewage treatment plants.

Fire Industry Pumps

Fire pumps are often considered to be the most critical component of a water-based fire protection system because, without a fully functional pump, water-based systems can be rendered ineffective.