Plumbing Industry Pumps

At Aline Pumps, we not only provide a wide range of fire pumps, but we also offer a range of power backup systems, specifically suited to providing alternate power to submersible systems. Flooded basements due to a power outage (thus disabling the pump systems) are one of the primary causes of environmental vehicle damage.

Fire Industry Pumps

Water pump systems are used for many different types of areas, from domestic or municipal use, to uses in commercial or industrial areas. There are also several different applications for pumping water, and as such, there is a need for various application-specific pumps. Two broad categories of water pump types are ‘high-flow’ and ‘high-pressure’ pumps.

Plumbing Industry Pumps

We may hear the word ‘stormwater’ often enough, but how much do we really understand about stormwater? Where does it come from and what does it consist of? Where does it eventually go?

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If you have a basement or part of your house that is below ground level, have you experienced any flooding? If you have then looking into getting a sump pump might be the next best step you can make. Although that is not the only place where a sump pump can be used, as you can use them in storm drains or a dry well. And if you are on an older property you may even have one connected to your sewer.